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About Me

Hello, I'm Ben. At age 25 and in lockdown, I'm keen to get on with life and explore new things. 

This looks like creating artwork that reflects the beauty of the natural world, but also illustrating fiction that uplifts people with hope.

   For me, inspiration comes from being outdoors; listening to the birds and admiring the handiwork that is in great scenery. Somehow I aim to capture a bit of that in a brush. 


I've developed my skills as an artist for a number of years and practiced illustration for the past 4 years. Last year, I finished an Illustration degree at the University of Lincoln.  

What illustrative services do you offer?

I will work on commissions for creative design projects for both personal and business purposes. This includes children’s book covers, posters, album art and promotional items, branding and logo designs. I can also offer some visual critique/support if you are struggling to put together a website that stands out.  

   Recently, I put together a series of 3 videos (using DaVinci Resolve; film editor) teaching the basics of acrylic painting. If you want a short promo video for your Social Media/webpage, I can do this for you also.

If you require illustrations, I can confidently work in Photoshop as well as traditional mediums.

Where can I buy your artwork?

You can click on the 'Etsy Shop' tab in the menu and that will take you to my online sales channel in Etsy where you can browse all my current prints, greetings cards and other items. If you are interested in original artwork of mine, you can contact me via or keep up to date with new artwork by signing up to my monthly newsletter here.

How can I support?


You can show support by following me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, and by liking and sharing my posts.
It helps an incredible amount, so thank you!